Fundraising Opportunity

California Clothing Recyclers recognizes the importance of programs, and the difficulty of raising funds to support your organization. We can help your organization by creating a Used Clothing Drive and turn unwanted clothes into much needed funds!

Fundraising couldn't be easier! If you're a school, church or other type of organization you can change your used clothing, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into funds for your organization.

Your unwanted clothing will not only be raising funds for your organization, but you'll be helping your community by helping California Clothing Recyclers keep 3.5 million lbs. of unwanted clothing from reaching our local landfills!

How It Works!

  1. Start by submitting our Information form with your preferred dates for your Used Clothing Drive. We will contact you to confirm the date. Next send out an email or flyer and post notices announcing your Used Clothing Drive and the length of time you'll be collecting. Once you've collected the used clothing, packed in tied plastic bags, we do the rest.
  2. We pick up what you've collected, on the scheduled day in our trucks. The bags will be weighed on our certified commercial scale and we pay you by the pound. The used clothing we bring to our warehouse is then prepared for shipment around the world. Now those in other countries get good, clean, useable clothing for pennies. What's not wearable is then recycled and turned into industrial rags or shredded into fibers used to make new products.
  3. A check will be sent to your organization within 2 weeks. That's all it takes! All this means more money for your organization, more wearable clothing for people around the world and a lot less in our landfills!

Simple As That!

Get started on your Used Clothing Drive fundraiser today by submitting our Information form!

Questions? Contact:
Julie Brown
Director of Resource Development
Cell: 916 225 9138