The Recycle Process

Donation to Thrift Store

Consumer donates clothing to secondhand stores, schools and churches.

According to some estimates, the average American discards about 10 pounds of garments and textiles annually.

Clothing Purchased From Thrift Stores

California Clothing Recyclers purchases used clothing from local second hand and thrift shops. Charities typically retain 20% of their clothing donations and recycling companies purchases the remaining used clothing.

The clothing that is not sold at the thrift store and not purchased by a recycling company such as California Clothing Recyclers is taken to a local landfill. That is a cost that is absorbed by the second hand thrift store.

Exported Overseas

Price for the used clothing from thrift shops is determined by market price, quality, quantity and transportation cost.

Used clothing is then exported to wholesale buyers overseas in 40-foot shipping containers. Large markets include Central America, Africa and parts of the Middle East.